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Emotional Blocks & Weight Issues

Gigi explained the work we would be doing during my session and made me totally relaxed which helped me be open with my feelings. I found myself to be very emotional during my session, which I usually am not. Gigi made many connections during my session and helped me understand my feelings. After all the work I felt relaxed and couldn’t wait to wake up the next morning and start my day with a new found understanding of my feeling, hope, and excitement on how I would face the world.

Gigi, Thank You so much!!!

Maritza B

Depression & Anxiety

After many years of dealing with depression and and anxiety and not really feeling worthy I have to say that just one session with Gigi and I felt a whole new person walking away. I am no longer on my anxiety & depression medication thanks to Gigi. My self confidence has gone up tremendously as well. Gigi made me feel relaxed and her personalization to each area that I needed help with was phenomenal. Thanks to Gigi my life has changed 360 degrees. I have found my voice and it shows in my personal and career life. Best decision of my life.

Yvonne S.

Success Block

I went to Gigi’s session not knowing what to expect. Gigi immediately put me at ease and explained what was going to happen. Gigi helped me uncover and process a lot of issues during our session. I felt safe and never judged. Gigi is compassionate and supportive and I am grateful for her help. She definitely knows how to dig deep so we have a better understanding of what has happened and how we can move on. Thank you, Gigi!

Linda L.

Personal and Business Blocks

Gigi Souritzidis helped me with some old negative patterns and inner blocks of self doubt and insecurity. She showed me how to refocus my brain after she helped me release the limiting old beliefs. I’ve had massive growth in my business by more than tripling my clients and students. I’m so grateful for her fast and powerful solutions!

Elaine W.

Personal and Business Blocks

Gigi is truly a remarkable practitioner. She was able to help me resolve issues that were preventing me from moving forward both in my business and personal life. After just one session, I felt just like that cliche-a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. She is kind, compassionate, professional and truly knows her craft. I think everyone can benefit from Rapid Transformational Therapy.

Candice S.

Anxiety & Muscle Pain

Mrs. Souritzidis was very helpful and patient. I went to Mrs. Souritzidis due to persistent anxiety which manifested into body pain as a psychosomatic symptom. In just one session I could see the reason for my anxiety being my need to control everything in my life. Mrs. Souritzidis was very helpful and patient and she also included some healing in our session which made my muscles feel less tense and with less pain. I’m currently listening to my recording and I can tell that my anxiety has been reduced and my self confidence has improved a lot. My muscles feel less stiff in the morning and my quality of sleep has improved a lot. Thank you so much Mrs. Souritzidis for this amazing experience!

Irene S.

Negative Patterns & Success Block

I highly recommend Gigi for this RTT technique. I felt an immediate connection with Gigi and together we set my intentions for my session for what I needed and hoped to achieve. The session was a new experience for me and I felt very comfortable and safe throughout the whole guided journey. There were many breakthrough moments revealed which supported my deeper personal understandings of my blocks and resistance. These have shifted my level of belief in my success in many areas of my life and has elevated my level of business ambition and success and also helped to create more life balance. I still listen to my recorded affirmation message to reinforce these amazing shifts. I am so grateful to Gigi.

Eileen R.


I found Gigi’s practice to be incredibly liberating. I felt lighter right after our initial intake. Then, she personalized my recordings so that, when I listened, I felt like she and I were in the room together. I had some issues that had been troubling me for most of my life, and while the issues are not necessarily resolved, I have increased my tolerance and acceptance which has allowed me to remain calm in previously stressful situations. I don’t respond the same as I used to. I feel so much more confident and capable. Thank you, Gigi! 

Jess R.

Business Mentor

Gigi is the most caring, loving, kind, understanding mentor that anyone could ask for in business and personally. She is extremely generous and genuine, always leaving you feeling uplifted and positive. Her knowledge is phenomenal and any interactions with Gigi are enlightening and mind opening. She leaves you feeling warm and cared for and it is always a pleasure being in her company.

Claire V.

Stress & Sleep

From Breakdown to Break Through! I am so grateful to have met Gigi! Truly, she is an angel in physical form!
I was overworked, stressed, tired, and incredibly sad all the time, while putting on a strong face for the outside world, I was miserable.
Having Gigi as an “Elite Coach”, her recommendations and coaching has helped me sleep better, which in turn, helped me feel better, deal with my workload more effectively, plus face the day life with a positive attitude!
I enjoyed our session, going from past – present – to a future of unlimited possibilities!
With Gigi’s background, as a critical care nurse, she is able to recommend with ease make suggestions to improve my health, as well as, my emotional and spiritual well being.
Gigi’s coaching is all encompassing! I will tell all my friends, who are “stuck” in any area of their lives, to contact her.
Gigi’s true passion to help people is beyond any I have met before. I plan to continue “as needed”!
Gigi is indeed a gift, and blessing to my life.

Nancy J.

Success & Confidence Block

Gigi has helped me change my perspective on life and envision the things that I once believed to be impossible .. I honestly couldn’t recommend anybody better.

Eric B.

Overcoming Negative Emotions

I had the opportunity to take a session with Gigi for Rapid Transformational Therapy. I have since been experiencing wonderful success in all facets of my life. I feel fantastic because I’ve eliminated negativity. This has allowed me to go from one great achievement
to another! I now give my all to life, and I feel enthusiastic even in the hustle and bustle of my busy schedule. I feel grounded from listening to the transformational recording Gigi made for me and I make this my habit to listen to it each morning and night.
 Everything feels wonderfully liberating. I am now able to handle the demands of my clients with gratitude. RTT is a valuable tool that has transformed my confidence and allows me to follow after my dreams again!  Every time I put my head down to rest, meditate,
or sleep, I find that the recording deeply relaxes me and I fall into a wonderfully restorative sleep. Thanks so much Gigi, I feel alive and I am looking forward to my journey in life!  Gigi is a one of a kind therapist who will enlighten you and help you
heal. You too, can realize your wildest dreams! 

Jane G.

Negative Self Talk & Confidence Block

Gigi is amazing! I would recommend her to anyone.
I had been feeling really low energy, blockages about success, confidence and my past life experiences and could not pinpoint the underlying issues. I have tried many methods of alternate healing before including Reiki and hypnosis.
RTT Hypnotherapy was a different experience. Gigi was able to take me into a deep state where I was able to identify the root of my issues.

Gigi helped me surface everything that was so deep in my subconscious mind and then reprogram those damaging negative messages so I could be free of my past. With her guidance I realized how different I am as an adult and empowered person that I can now create a new reality of my future life! I immediately felt lighter, carefree and I had alot of aha moments that cleared my mind. Listening to Gigi’s recording daily has made me feel more in control, self-love and easier with positive energy throughout my days. It’s an awesome feeling!

Gigi’s energy and support was nurturing, caring and refreshing. She is truly a blessing and has the gift to heal people thru this RTT method. You will ask yourself why you didn’t do it sooner!

Yadira C.

Abundance Block

I instantly felt safe with her. As a student of Mind Valley Academy, I was introduced to Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) by Marissa Peer. What was so appealing to me about her technique was her belief that lasting change could happen rapidly and not drawn out for years and years as in traditional therapy. When discovering that Gigi was a practitioner of RTT, I knew it was the right time to test the technique and that she was the right person to guide me through the process. I had abundance blocks that I knew were holding me back from being even more successful. I figured I had nothing to lose and everything to potentially gain from a session. Gigi has a melodious voice that is calming and soothing to listen to. I instantly felt safe with her and was able to go into hypnosis quickly. After our session, I felt as though something had shifted in me. Within days of our session and listening to her audio recording, I noticed that I was attracting more financial opportunities to me. Because I was able to rewrite my brain, push past trauma and improve my positive self talk, I’ve been able to release all credit card debt and payoff my car all within a few short months. Gigi has a natural and sincere desire to heal others around her. I’m extremely grateful to know her and highly recommend her.

Jenn P.

Childhood Problems

I have been dealing with serious issues and bad memories from childhood which had negative impact on my personal life. Through work with Gigi I was able to find self worth and find answers on what to do next with my life. Gigi helped me to find the power and confidence, she also helped me to transform my life which allowed me to become healed and empowered version of myself. Gigi is a amazing life coach, very professional, friendly, knowledgeable, caring and supportive as well understanding and well spoken. I strongly recommend her hypnosis to anyone that struggles moving forward. I am very grateful for Gigi and her ability.

Magda M.

Wellness Programs

Gigi is a wealth of knowledge! She is an organized trainer and effective at customizing wellness programs for clients, and health professionals. She brings professionalism coupled with a true heart for helping. She is a good listener, and is great at collaborating with other business owners. Anyone would be lucky to work with her. 

Magda M.

Significant Pain

When I first consulted Gigi I was experiencing significant pain due to dental problems. I particularly liked Gigi’s professional and caring approach which immediately put me at ease; feeling confident that I was in good hands. She was able to uncover deep-rooted issues (no pun intended) which provided me great insight that I needed to release the pain. She also gave me a wonderful healing personalized recording to listen to each day which helped me tremendously with pain management. I highly recommend Gigi; she has the innate ability to help you, heal yourself.

Marie F.