Gigi Souritizidis RTT, C.Hyp, NLP, NAP on Uncovering One Persons Reason for Self-Sabotage | Elite Coaching
Uncovering One Persons Reason for Self-Sabotage

It is fascinating to understand how the human mind works and how it creates scenarios that affect the way we live today. Judy had been struggling in school since she was 8 years old, her parents couldn’t help her because they were not educated. Judy grew up feeling that she was not enough. All she needed was guidance at a younger age or a tutor. She needed help understanding math, if someone had helped her understand the concepts, she would have felt as though her needs were being met. 

Throughout her life, there were other instances where her needs were not being met. Judy grew up feeling that she was not important, she was not smart enough, and she didn’t deserve help. Everyone else was more important than her.

This manifested, later in life, as low self-esteem, and a money block. I am not good enough, smart enough, or capable of making money. It was a feeling that she had from childhood, and as an adult, it felt familiar to feel that way, and it was also familiar that money was not available. This created scarcity in her life. She was not able to make enough money. 

The great news is that Judy found RTT. After one session, she revisited the scenes from her past and understood how they had been affecting her in the present. She now has a successful coaching business and is well on her way to making a six-figure income. She knows she is smart, and capable, and her income is proof!

 What Judy had to do is make the familiar unfamiliar. In so doing, she set herself free and helps others to create a life of abundance. If you think you have a money block, RTT could be the answer!

Gigi Souritzidis, Certified RTT, and C.Hyp.