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Permanent Change
Through Rapid
Transformational Therapy

What is RTT?

RTT is a specialized therapeutic method using hypnotherapy, which gives your mind more control as it accesses a heightened state of focus. We can uncover old beliefs formed in your past that no longer serve you today. We can help you recognize those unhelpful thoughts and instill positive new ones.

RTT can help people break bad habits that hold them back from living their best life. This technique using NLP and cognitive behavioral therapy enables people to achieve amazing results and success in their business, personal and spiritual lives.

RTT awakens the subconscious mind and can help the client access creative thoughts and new ideas. The experiences from our past often shape the way we react in the present. Understanding this on a subconscious level allows you to create new empowering beliefs that can change your life. Part of the change will occur by listening to your 21-day recording that is made especially for you to re-wire those old beliefs. You can expect to step into your brilliant future with anticipation and joy.

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About Me

I am a former kidney transplant and cardiac intensive care Registered
Nurse for 20 years. I understand how the human body works, and how underlying
issues of stress can affect a person’s mental and physical well being.

 For the past 23 years
I have dedicated myself to helping clients maintain good health through diet,
exercise and nutritional supplementation.

I pursued my love of psychology and studied the art of
neuroscience and how we as human beings think. I became certified as a NAP
& NLP Practitioner. This new kind of professional specializes in life
coaching and personal transformations. I took this a step further by becoming a
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Certified Rapid Transformational therapist. I
wanted to help my clients get rapid results quickly, so in one 2-hour session,
amazing life changing results are possible.

I am married to a Greek Orthodox priest, and we have raised
3 beautiful sons, and we have an amazing little granddaughter. Because I have
been part of the church my whole life, I also bring a spiritual aspect into my
therapy. My tag line is “coaching with God in mind”.

I believe you get the whole package, body, mind, and spirit when you work with
me. The greatest pleasure is when my clients tell me how this has changed their
lives in the most incredible way. I would love to be able to do that for you!

Giving Back

I want to offer you a chance to feed the poor in Sierra Leone Africa, if you want. I have been the president of in the USA for the past 7 years. Most people I know want to help the poor, but are afraid to give their money, not knowing where the funds will end up. This 501C charity is amazing because 90% of the donations go directly to feed, educate, and shelter the poor and the orphaned, who’s parents died from ebola.

The amazing thing about this charity is that not one volunteer gets paid! They do this out of love, and compassion. If you ever watched the movie Blood Diamonds, there was a civil war in this region, and today the remnants of that war are still visible. Many people had their arms and legs cut off, and our charity welcomed the handicapped and offered them shelter, when others cast them out on the streets. This charity helps the poor who live on garbage pilings, among the animals who bathe in the same waters. We are bringing electricity, education, water, and faith to the poorest of the poor. 

Giving is one act that can help anyone out of depression. As little as $20/ a month can significantly change a life. Get into your heart, you will find a treasure in helping others who are less fortunate. In doing so prepare to see miracles happen, because you are that miracle to someone else.

What Can I Help You Overcome?

Self Esteem /
Confidence Issues












Award Winning Therapy

RTT has won 17 Stevie Awards. These awards are given by the American Business Awards Association in order to recognize outstanding accomplishments and contributions to people and businesses worldwide.