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Take Control of Your Health


Support your health with vitamins and supplements from Isotonix. The scientifically advanced formulas are designed to give your body the maximum benefit, and Isotonix offers a complete array of products designed to fit your needs. As always, consult with your physician before taking any vitamins or supplements. 

Isotonix Vitamin D with K2 – Support Vascular Health and Calcium Utilization

Vitamin D plays an important role in bone and heart health. It provides immune support and works with vitamin K to support normal absorption of calcium, and promote healthy arteries. Isotonix Vitamin D is the first of its kind to deliver both of these powerful vitamins with isotonic delivery. This means that the vitamin has the same fluid pressure as blood and tears. 

Isotonix Activated B Complex – Ensure Your Body Receives and Uses Vital Nutrients Quickly and Efficiently

A lack of vitamin B in your regimen may impact your physical health in different ways. Hundreds of bodily biochemical reactions are supported by B-vitamins, and deficiency in vitamin B can lead to fatigue and lethargy. A B-complex vitamin is a mixture of eight essential B-vitamins that are critical to metabolism at the cellular level. Isotonix Activated B-complex can help to maintain healthy levels of serotonin, increase energy, and decrease stress.

TLS ACTS Adrenal, Cortisol, Thyroid & Stress Support Formula – Help Control Stress Levels and Minimize Weight Gain

Your job demands a lot of your time. Your family demands just as much, if not more. Trips to the mailbox are greeted by bills. Every day, life is taking its toll on you. Even in seemingly good times, stress is something we cannot escape; not only does it have a harmful effect on us mentally, but it can also wreak havoc on us physically. TLS ACTS Adrenal, Cortisol, Thyroid & Stress Support Formula, specially formulated with holy basil and ashwagandha, works specifically to promote healthy adrenal gland function, cortisol levels, and thyroid function to help control stress levels and minimize weight gain that is associated with increased stress.

Isotonix Vitamin C – Superior Delivery of the Nutrients your Body Needs

Vitamin C has become the world’s most popular vitamin, and it’s no surprise why. The bodily functions promoted by this vitamin create an extensive list. Vitamin C supports a healthy immune system, cardiovascular health, plays a crucial role in maintaining healthy connective tissue, and more. Isotonix Vitamin C provides you with the maximum absorption of the nutrients your body needs in the most cost-effective way.

Isotonix Daily Essentials Packets – Give Your Body Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Nutrients

There’s nothing more important than taking care of yourself on a daily basis. With the Isotonix Daily Essentials Packets, you can be sure that you’re giving your body the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients it needs, thanks to four essential supplements – Isotonix OPC-3, Isotonix Multivitamin, Isotonix Activated B-Complex and Isotonix Calcium Plus – in one, convenient serving to promote long-term health and optimal nutrition. Plus, by purchasing the Isotonix Daily Essentials Packets instead of buying a 30-day supply of these products individually you save money!