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Relationship Issues

We often go through life complaining about how others treat us. What we don’t realize is that we cannot change, or control how other people act, we can only control the way we react in any given situation. If you want to find the perfect partner, then you have to be able to attract them. People will settle or get into a relationship that is far from what they desire. When we find out what makes us relate to others, we can figure out how to raise the bar in order to create relationships that serve us, not bring us down. RTT is a wonderful way to realize your value in order to help increase your self-esteem allowing you to have wonderful relationships in life.

Childhood Problems

We were all born with amazing confidence; but as we grow older, certain life circumstances shift this feeling of confidence and we begin to have doubts and fears. We experience life situations that rob us from our confidence. If you were not treated fairly, you may be holding onto a lot of fear and anxiety around the situation that happened to you. This could be something that a teacher said, a parent did or did not do, or could revolve around dealing with other people. As our confidence and trust in others starts to deteriorate, this can cause a myriad of issues that pop up in our everyday life. Getting to the root cause of why you may be experiencing issues today can help you break through those old beliefs and allow you to create new powerful beliefs that will serve you better.


Lack of motivation and procrastination are very closely related and there are definite reasons why this is. Some clients tell me that the reason they procrastinate is to protect them from working too hard, or from getting sick. Our minds work to take us away from pain and bring us toward pleasure, so when we tell ourselves that the reason, we don’t get something done it is to ‘self-preserve’. It is very difficult to get out of that negative feedback loop and move towards motivation. However, it is important to find out the reason someone lacks motivation. Sometimes medications have side effects causing a person to feel less motivated. Previously, I had a client tell me that they worked really hard at their job only to be let go without any recognition for their hard work. This created a belief for that client that when you work hard, it doesn’t matter. From that point, everything they did was done with a lack of motivation. It is important to find out why you procrastinate so that you can change that feeling and live your life with enthusiasm and motivation.


Oftentimes, when someone feels depressed, they are simply telling themselves thoughts that are hurtful, harsh, or critical. These words that you tell yourself each day cause a feeling of worthlessness. When these feelings take over it can cause you to feel unlovable. When we lack connection with others this can contribute to our depression. Frequently, a belief is created that one cannot get rid of depression. Since the body does what the mind tells us to, we simply show you how the depression was created, and then create a way to get rid of it.


An addiction is classified as moving yourself away from a bad feeling towards a good feeling and continuously doing it. Smoking, drinking, eating sugar, texting, shopping, etc. are all examples of addictions, but there are a lot more as well. Having an addiction ultimately stems from a feeling that you are not enough. It is always about not getting something that you wanted and needing to make yourself feel better. An addiction is like a temporary Band-Aid; it isn’t the cure from your problem. As a matter of fact, it is the opposite of what you really want or need. Quitting an addiction is empowering, exciting, and can be as easy as making the decision to quit. RTT is a powerful tool to help you make better decisions to move away from addiction.


When you cannot control things that are happening, you come up with ways to control things on your own. Phobias are simply a fear of not being in control. It has the interpretation, or meaning, that you give it. You may be reacting to what you have learned from a parent and it could be a cry for help. If the phobia could speak, it would be much easier to understand, but we will find out the reason it is there.

Weight Struggles

How many times have you said to yourself ‘I have to do something about my weight?’ We are all hardwired to survive on the planet, and food is one sure way to do that. However, when we make the wrong food choices, we end up facing the consequences of obesity and other serious health conditions. What are we telling ourselves each day? What is our daily self-talk when it comes to food?

Sometimes it has nothing to do with food. In fact, many of my clients tell me that they really don’t eat that much. So, what is the underlying issue? I work with clients who use their weight to hide behind deeper issues. Once we uncover the real reason for the weight struggle, it is a lot easier to figure out a plan to get rid of it once and for all.

Money Blocks

Sometimes our ability to make, or keep money is problematic. This often stems from situations that arise from our past experiences. I had one client whose parents always fought over money and as she matured, she made a lot of money. One way or another, she would make sure she got rid of it quickly, unable to save or ever get ahead. This unconscious behavior was there to protect her from ever having to fight over money. As you see, this was not helpful to her in the long run. Once she realized why her habits around money were hurting her, it was easy for her to change. Today she is able to make money, save money and spend it appropriately. There are so many scenarios around money blocks; not feeling worthy of making it is a big one. Whatever your reason, we will discover it and work together to find a solution.


Sometimes life feels out of control. When you cannot control things that are happening around you, it can cause anxiety. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you cannot get a good grasp on how to turn that anxiety dial down. With RTT we can find the source of that anxiety and lower its intensity until it goes away.


We are all born with confidence. As we grow older, life circumstances affect the way we see ourselves. A session for self-esteem and confidence will bring out the absolute best in you. How would you like to increase your self-esteem to new levels where you are confident about your relationships and career path? Learning how to build self-confidence will allow you to walk into your genius zone. We are all born with special gifts, and it is an amazing thing when you realize just how special you really are.
When we were babies, we believed we were the most important humans on the planet because that is the way we were wired. We knew if we cried, our needs would be met. If we soiled our diapers someone would change us. We did not worry if our face had chocolate pudding smeared from ear to ear; we just smiled and were happy. You too can regain that innate confidence of a perfect baby and enjoy going through life without worrying about what other people think.


Have you been living with guilt and you are so embarrassed or hurt that you find it difficult to talk about? You may even find that you can’t forgive yourself and that you deserve to be punished. Without realizing how and why this may be affecting you, it is time to let it go. The past is behind you, and you can live a life free of guilt. Sometimes the decisions we made, were definitely not the choices we would make today. Coming to an understanding that today is a new day can make reality a lot easier to handle. RTT can give you the tools to let go of the guilt and lead you toward a life of happiness.

Private Coaching

Some of my clients wish to stay on with me for a period of time depending on what their goals are, and how much they want to invest in their personal growth. I have different packages ranging from 5 to 10 weeks. Life Coaching is specifically for those who want to be held accountable for the processes we put in place for business, personal health, relationship, and spiritual, where I can follow up and keep you on track. Depending on where you are in your life journey, support and guidance can make all the difference.
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